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Lake in the mountains II
"Lake in the mountains II", 2018
55x65, oil/canvas
Rendez-vous with clouds
"Rendez-vous with clouds", 2018
30x40, oil/canvas
Before sunset
"Before sunset", 2018
50x60, oil/canvas
Light-house II
"Light-house II", 2016
90x100, oil/canvas
Farewell to the mountain
"Farewell to the mountain", 2014
60x60, oil/canvas
Lake in the montains
"Lake in the montains", 2016
36x40, oil/canvas
Summer in Cornwall
"Summer in Cornwall", 2015
90x100, oil/canvas
The visitor II
"The visitor II", 2018/19
85x75 , oil/canvas
End of the summer
"End of the summer", 2018
75x85 , oil/canvas
Light-house I
"Light-house I", 2015
80x100, oil/canvas
Turned back II
"Turned back II", 2008/2016
90x70, oil/canvas
Sir David Attenborough
"Sir David Attenborough", 2015
75x85, oil/canvas
The visitor
"The visitor", 2010
65x55, oil/canvas
Blue lane
"Blue lane", 2015
70x50, oil/canvas
"Leonora", 2016
90x80 cm, oil/canvas
At the window
"At the window", 2014
65x55, oil/canvas
"Rendez-vous", 2017
40x30, oil/canvas
For L.
"For L.", 2013
70x55, oil/canvas
Memory of Jews from Szczebrzeszyn
"Memory of Jews from Szczebrzeszyn", 2017
55x65, oil/canvas
"Childhood", 2014-2016
70x115, diptich, oil/canvas
Rendez-vous in Sczebrzeszyn.
"Rendez-vous in Sczebrzeszyn.", 2016
55x65, oil/canvas
The waiting
"The waiting", 2009-2011
90x100, oil/canvas
Act on dark sofa
"Act on dark sofa", 2017
80x100, oil/canvas
City secrets
"City secrets", 2010
90x100, oil/canvas
"Fado", 2013
85x75, oil/canvas
Siesta on the dark sofa
"Siesta on the dark sofa", 2014
100x115, oil/canvas
The dance
"The dance", 2002/2017
100x90, oil/canvas
Two magpies
"Two magpies", 2011
75x85, oil/canvas
On the balkony
"On the balkony", 2010
32x46, oil/canvas
Girl with boats
"Girl with boats", 2012
65x75, oil/canvas
Green sofa
"Green sofa", 2013
100x115, oil/canvas
Birthday Roses I
"Birthday Roses I", 2015
80x90, oil/canvas