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Lake in the mountains II
"Lake in the mountains II", 2018/19
55x65, oil/canvas
Lake in the mountains III
"Lake in the mountains III", 2019
90x100, oil/canvas
Lake in the mountains I
"Lake in the mountains I", 2017
36x40, oil/canvas
Siesta with cloud
"Siesta with cloud", 2020
75x85, oil/canvas
Two women under the tree
"Two women under the tree", 2009
70x68, oil/canvas
Dark mountain
"Dark mountain", 2016
75x85, oil/canvas
Light-house II
"Light-house II", 2020
80x100 cm, oil/canvas
Rendez-vous I
"Rendez-vous I", 2016
40x30, oil/canvas
Rendez-vous with castle
"Rendez-vous with castle", 2019
44x45, oil/canvas
Sleeping under the tree
"Sleeping under the tree", 2019
38x40 cm, oil/canvas
From atelier in Hochstaetten
"From atelier in Hochstaetten", 2009-2019
60x60 cm, oil/canvas
Nude in green
"Nude in green", 2018
38x46 cm, oil/canvas
Sleeping woman in green
"Sleeping woman in green", 2014
75x85, oil/canvas
Three graces
"Three graces", 2014
90x80, oil/canvas
Landscape with clouds
"Landscape with clouds", 2002
130x140, oil/canvas
Meeting and clouds
"Meeting and clouds", 2018
30x40, oil/canvas
Rendez-vous with the moon
"Rendez-vous with the moon", 2019
30x40 cm, oil/canvas
"Meeting", 2015
50x60 cm, oil/canvas
Siesta with clouds II
"Siesta with clouds II", 2017
40x50 cm, oil/canvas
The rendezvous
"The rendezvous", 2011
70x60, oil/canvas
The walk
"The walk", 2009
50x60, oil/canvas
Two women
"Two women", 2007
36x41, oil/canvas
""Siesta with the moon"", 2017
60x50 cm, oil/canvas
Before the storm
"Before the storm", 2008
60x60, oil/canvas
Bathing I
"Bathing I", 2008-2010
41x51, oil/canvas
Sleeping in the woods
"Sleeping in the woods", 2019
38x46 cm, oil/canvas
Under the tree
"Under the tree", 2006
38x45, oil/canvas
At the river
"At the river", 1999
90x200, oil/canvas

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