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Summer in village
"Summer in village", 2014
75x85, oil/canvas
In the shadow of birthday roses
"In the shadow of birthday roses", 2017
80x80 cm, oil/canvas
Painter with canvas
"Painter with canvas", 2017
24x33, oil/canvas
Late afternoon III
"Late afternoon III", 2016
50x70, oil/canvas
Still life with sari
"Still life with sari", 2010
75x65, oil/canvas
Sunny bay
"Sunny bay", 2011
40x50, oil/canvas
Sleeping on red sofa
"Sleeping on red sofa", 2005
36x40, oil/canvas
Short siesta
"Short siesta", 2013
26x39, oil/canvas
Sleeping on yellow sofa
"Sleeping on yellow sofa", 2017
42x50, oil/canvas
"Siesta", 2012
55x65, oil/canvas
Card game
"Card game", 2010/16
85x75, oil/canvas
Siesta in the red
"Siesta in the red", 2015
55x60, oil/canvas
Sleeping in red
"Sleeping in red", 2016
17x21, oil/canvas
Girl with tulips
"Girl with tulips", 2011
65x55, oil/canvas
Girl with letter
"Girl with letter", 2017
38x46, oil/canvas
Sleeping on the green sofa
"Sleeping on the green sofa", 2016
41x51, oil/canvas
In the shadow of peonies
"In the shadow of peonies", 2015/2018
70x55, oil/canvas
"Boats", 2013
28x39, oil/canvas
Calm bay III
"Calm bay III", 2011
35x43, oil/canvas
Sunny day
"Sunny day", 2008
90x80, oil/canvas
Clouds over Mandel
"Clouds over Mandel",
40x50, oil/canvas
Nude on the red couch
"Nude on the red couch",
32x46, oil/canvas
Girl with fruits
"Girl with fruits", 2010
65x75, oil/canvas
Siesta II
"Siesta II", 2017
38x46, oil/canvas
Calm bay II
"Calm bay II", 2010
30x40, oil/canvas
Calm bay I
"Calm bay I", 2011
25x38, oil/canvas
Siesta with boats
"Siesta with boats", 2012
40x50, oil/canvas