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Atelier in Riedering I
"Atelier in Riedering I", 2017
38x46 cm, oil/canvas
First snow
"First snow", 2017
38x43 cm, oil/canvas
Winter with rose sky
"Winter with rose sky", 2018
55x65, oil/canvas
On the sledges I
"On the sledges I", 2018
38x46, oil/canvas
Frozen lake
"Frozen lake", 2018
55x65, oil/canvas
On the sladges II
"On the sladges II", 2018
18x24, oil/canvas
At the Hof
"At the Hof", 2013
55x65, oil/canvas
The visitor
"The visitor", 2010
65x55, oil/canvas
Atelier in Riedering II
"Atelier in Riedering II", 2017
38x46 cm, oil/canvas
Hommage an Paul Celan
"Hommage an Paul Celan", 2014
80x100, oil/canvas
Green sofa at the Hof
"Green sofa at the Hof", 2014
100x115, oil/canvas
Winter in Wonneberg
"Winter in Wonneberg", 2014-2017
75x85, oil/canvas
Winter and roses
"Winter and roses", 2014
100x90, oil/canvas
Winter siesta
"Winter siesta", 2009
75x85, oil/canvas
The rendezvous
"The rendezvous", 2011
70x60, oil/canvas
Winter diptych, side l
"Winter diptych, side l", 2013
55x65, oil/canvas
"Winter", 2013
75x85, oil/canvas
Winter diptych, side r
"Winter diptych, side r", 2013
55x65, oil/canvas
Winter at the Hof
"Winter at the Hof", 2014
50x70, oil/canvas
Winter diptych
"Winter diptych", 2013
55x130, oil/canvas
"Snowing", 2013
55x65, oil/canvas
Winter in Szczebrzeszyn
"Winter in Szczebrzeszyn", 2002/2017
80x100, oil/canvas